About us

Imagine Lodz

With more than 25 years’ experience operating in the dynamic and rapidly evolving real estate markets of Central & Eastern Europe, Avestus Real Estate is a leading real estate advisor, developer and investor in the region.


Backed by its extensive local presence with offices in Prague, Warsaw, Cracow and Budapest, and its deep knowledge and experience of the CEE region, Avestus Real Estate is actively engaged in all aspects of the development process, including shaping structures, strategy, financing and managing a wide portfolio of real estate assets.

Infinity Wroclaw

Avestus Real Estate has developed over 2 million square metres of office, retail, mixed-use and residential projects in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, and today has a substantial portfolio of commercial property under development, management or leasing advisory.

Enterprise Park Cracow

Avestus Real Estate is the full-service development arm of Avestus Capital Partners, a global real estate investor based in Ireland, which owns and manages assets across the world in conjunction with a range of established international capital partners. Avestus Real Estate acts as the principal and advisor to Avestus Capital Partners, as well as providing a wide range of services to an increasing number of third-party investors who rely on its deep local knowledge and expertise in developing and managing CEE real estate projects, either as straight advisory or under Joint Venture arrangements.